Hearts for Hearing Receives Grant to Expand Services Across the State

hearts for hearing receives grant for twenty-five thousand dollars

Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma awards $25,000 to Oklahoma City, Tulsa offices

The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma recently gifted $25,000 to Hearts for Hearing, an Oklahoma-based nonprofit providing comprehensive hearing health care and speech-language therapy services to Oklahomans with hearing loss. The charitable donation will help create life-changing opportunities for children with hearing loss to listen for a lifetime.

“Thanks to early diagnosis, advances in technology, and specialized speech therapy, a child born deaf today can learn to listen and talk like their peers who don’t have hearing loss,“ said CEO Joanna T. Smith. “The continued generosity of the Masons allows us to serve more children with hearing loss and give them the opportunity to learn to listen and talk.”

A generous gift of $25,000 from the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma will benefit families across the state. In addition to providing the first set of hearing aids to children 10 years of age and under at no cost to families, Hearts for Hearing also provides financial assistance for specialized speech therapy and audiology services. The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma’s grant will fund services for children with hearing loss, impacting their lives for many years to come.

“Public education and wellness are focal points of our mission. We recognize that hearing loss can cause great challenges for children and their ability to obtain an education, have meaningful relationships, and enjoy every opportunity for the best quality of life. Early detection and therapy can provide life-changing help for children with hearing loss to learn to listen and talk,” said John Logan, Executive Director of the Masonic Charity Foundation.

Established in 2003 to provide funding for children’s hearing aids, Hearts for Hearing grew quickly into a comprehensive hearing health program for children with hearing loss, offering both audiology services and auditory-verbal therapy. In 2013, to meet the growing demand for adult hearing health care, the mission expanded again to open a clinic specifically designed for adults. Comprehensive care is available in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.


Hearts for Hearing creates life-changing opportunities for children and adults with hearing loss to listen for a lifetime. Through collaborative care, patients work with audiologists and speech-language pathologists, also certified as auditory-verbal therapists, – in tandem – for a comprehensive experience. Hearts for Hearing is headquartered in Oklahoma City with offices in Shawnee and Tulsa, and remote therapy provided statewide. More information is available at heartsforhearing.org.

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