About Us

Our Mission

Hearts for Hearing creates life-changing opportunities for children and adults with hearing loss to listen for a lifetime.

Our Values

We believe gold-standard care should include both competence and compassion.
To better learn about Hearts for Hearing, understand these values that guide what we do.


This is the dedication to the pursuit of our best. With any patient, task or project, the final step should be to ask ourselves, “Could we have done better or worked harder?” The answer should never be “yes”. If it is, then our job is not finished.

The Platinum Rule

Do unto others BETTER than they would unto you. This means that we treat everyone (co-workers, patients, donors, collaborating professionals) with the same respect, care and friendliness that each of us would treat our very own grandmother.


We are called to be servants and this will be the basis for all of our interactions with people. It means doing things we might not want to do, going beyond what is required, and expecting nothing in return.


We will be good stewards of our time and of the dollars donated and to improve the financial condition of the organization. We are responsible for generating revenue and managing expenses.

Having Fun

This is the dedication to pursuit of good cheer. This means we will look forward to coming to work each day with enthusiastic and affable colleagues who relish their role in improving the lives of patients they serve and developing a model for hearing healthcare delivery that the entire world will strive to replicate. Frequent laughter is encouraged.

Our History


The Founding

Hearts for Hearing was founded by Joanna T. Smith, Dr. Teresa Caraway and Dr. Stan Baker to provide funding for the initial set of hearing aids for children with hearing loss in Oklahoma.



Expansion of the Mission

Our mission expanded to become a comprehensive hearing health clinic for both children and adults. We began our collaborative model of audiologists and speech-language pathologists working together to provide the best outcomes for children.



Adult Clinic

We opened a clinic specifically for adults to meet the growing demand for adult hearing healthcare.



Our New Home

We moved to our new home on Portland Avenue in Oklahoma City




We began seeing patients in Tulsa, OK at a temporary location in the Hillcrest Physicians Building.



Growth and Expansion

We opened the clinic doors at our Tulsa home in the Legacy Plaza Assistance League Building.

Due to significant growth, we also completed an expansion project at our facility in OKC.


Support Our Mission!

You can help us bring the gift of listening and spoken language to more Oklahomans.

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