Hearing Aids in OKC and Tulsa

Hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles with varying technology features. With technology getting smaller and smarter, there are options from behind-the-ear hearing aids to invisible hearing aids that sit deep in your ear canal. Many hearing aids today offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which allows control and audio streaming to your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices. This gives you greater flexibility and allows your hearing aids to act as wireless headphones for improved listening for phone calls, music and videos. With advances in technology, some hearing aids are now rechargeable which completely eliminates the need to change the battery.

The hearing technology appropriate for your needs is determined in part by your lifestyle and your hearing. Our audiologists will talk with you to determine a solution that is most appropriate for your hearing and lifestyle needs during an in-depth discussion at your appointment.

Types of Hearing Aids:

Behind the ear: With this type of hearing aid, the electronic components of the devices rest in a unit behind the ear that connects via tube to an ear mold that sits inside the ear.
Receiver in the canal: With this sleek device, the electronic components also rest in a unit behind the ear, but deliver sound via a slim wire to a speaker within the ear canal.
In the ear: There are devices that rest completely in the ear, with no components behind the ear. In the ear devices are customized to your ear to ensure you get the most comfortable fit. In the ear styles range in size from:

  • Invisible in the canal: this is the smallest in-the-ear option and is designed to rest deep in the ear canal making it virtually invisible.
  • Completely in the canal: This device is designed to fit up to the opening of the canal.
  • In the Canal: this device fills a small portion of the bowl of the ear.
  • In the Ear: this device fills the entire bowl of the ear.
  • Extended Wear Invisible Devices: these devices are placed deep in the ear canal by your audiologist to ensure invisibility and are worn in the ear for up to 3 months at a time before changing the battery.

Hearing Aid Brands We Partner With:

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