Hearts for Hearing

providing solutions and support for children and adults with hearing loss.

Hearts for Hearing

providing solutions and support for children and adults with hearing loss.

Hearing Specialists in Oklahoma

Hearts for Hearing

Where compassionate care meets the groundbreaking research needed.

At Hearts for Hearing, we change the lives of children and adults by identifying each individual’s unique hearing needs. Our program features innovative, evidence-based solutions and our family-centered support. While some view hearing loss as a condition that separates people from their loved ones, we seek to restore hope and opportunities.

For Children

We help children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk.

For Adults

We provide quality clinical care so adults can listen and connect again.

Our Research

We conduct research that influences hearing healthcare worldwide.

Stories of Success

Since 2003, thousands of children and adults have been given the gift of hearing through our program. These are just a few of the many we’ve helped.

For nearly 20 years Hearts for Hearing has presented opportunities to children and adults with hearing loss. Since 2003, Founder and CEO Joanna T. Smith has led an award-winning team of health care professionals, from audiologists and speech-language pathologists, in giving people from around the country the gift of hearing.

If you have experienced hearing loss as an adult, or have a child suffering from hearing loss, contact us today. Our team of professionals will discuss everything from therapies that may help to devices like hearing aids or cochlear implants. Financial assistance and family support are available, so don’t hesitate to start.

Our offices are strategically placed throughout Oklahoma, centered in and around the Oklahoma City area. Find the location nearest to you today to begin your journey.

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