With early diagnosis, fitting of hearing aids, and listening and spoken language therapy, children born with hearing loss can become listeners, storytellers, and excellent readers. 

Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing Loss in Children

Some children are born with hearing loss, and some develop it later in childhood. Know the signs and how we can help.

Hearing Testing

The earlier we can diagnose hearing loss in a child and provide treatment, the better the outcome. Find out how to schedule a hearing test for your child.

Spotlight: Maggie

Maggie woke up hearing her mom’s voice clearly for the first time thanks to her new hearing aids!

Visits and Solutions

Our Approach

We are here for you every step of the way in the path toward optimizing your child's listening and spoken language abilities. From your child’s first visit and hearing test to getting fitted for hearing aids and beyond, learn what to expect.

Solutions for Children

We greet a diagnosis of hearing loss with hope and offer many solutions for your child’s hearing loss. Learn about available solutions.

Financial and Family Support

Financial Assistance

Cost shouldn’t keep a child with hearing loss from being able to learn to listen and talk. Through charitable donations, we are able to offer financial support to families. Learn how we can help.

Support for Families

Our work goes beyond putting hearing aids on babies. We offer community support, workshops, and activities for families and siblings of children with hearing loss.

Stories of Success


Donations help give children with hearing loss the opportunity to learn to listen and talk.