Hearts for Hearing Tulsa

Our clinic’s Tulsa location, housed in the Legacy Plaza Assistance League Building, brings our mission of compassionate care to northeastern Oklahoma. With our expert staff and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, our Tulsa location is committed to helping our patients achieve their best possible health outcomes.

Services We Offer:

Hearts for Hearing – Legacy Plaza
5350 E. 31st St, Ste 301
Tulsa, OK 74135

Hearts for Hearing – Hillcrest
1145 S. Utica Avenue #302
Tulsa, OK 74104

Upcoming Tulsa Events

Tulsa Summer Camp

June 20-23, 2023

We are excited to be in Tulsa and offer our third annual two-day summer enrichment camp for our more experienced listeners. 

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Stories of Hope Tulsa

October 11, 2023

We are excited to host Stories of Hope fundraising luncheon chaired by Cara Hair and Caron Lawhorn! 

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Latest Tulsa News

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black and white photo of a young boy with cochlear implants shaking a tambourine

Elijah’s Story

When Elijah was born, he was “absolutely perfect” recalls his mom. “We didn’t think anything of it when he did not pass his newborn hearing screen, and we were told it was probably just fluid in his ear.” Elijah was referred for a routine follow-up which again he did not pass. “Even then, it wasn’t scary for me because we didn’t have any hearing loss in our family, so we didn’t think it was even a possibility.”

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Tulsa Patient Spotlight: Liberty

Liberty was born with hearing loss, but this is no issue for her with help from Hearts for Hearing.

Celebrating 20 Years

Hearts for Hearing was founded in 2003 with a mission of providing hearing technology and speech therapy services at no out-of-pocket costs to families with children who were born deaf. 20 years later, we are still teaching babies and children born deaf to listen and talk. Our services have expanded to include adult hearing care with offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Shawnee. Our team of professionals has grown from our original three people to 117 now. Hearts for Hearing continues to provide the first set of hearing technology and therapy to children at no out-of-pocket costs to families, and now includes Newborn Hearing Screen services, major research initiatives, Eyes Open Ears On programming, and its own 3D ear mold lab.

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