Peter’s Story

A black and white photo of Peter Hardt smiling with his arms crossed. He is wearing a plaid shirt.

Peter, 23 years old now, was the first baby in the state of Oklahoma identified with hearing loss through Oklahoma’s mandated newborn hearing screening program which required, beginning in 2000, that all newborns receive a hearing test before discharge from the hospital.

Hadley’s Story

young girl sitting inside historic horse coach, grandfather smiling closely by

Hadley & Dennis Krueger GRAND MOMENTS Listening to each other’s questions and critiques, enjoying laughter, even quiet times of reflection. These moments are part of a grand adventure at Oklahoma City’s National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum shared by Hadley Krueger, age 9, and her grandfather Dennis — “PaPa” to her. It is special time […]

Group Therapy Student Spotlight: Easton

young smiling boy wearing hearts for hearing branded hard hat while sitting inside bulldozer bucket

“Hi! My name is Micah but everyone calls me Easton. I’m pretty quiet at school but no where else. I like to play sports things and with cars, trains and play-doh. I don’t like crafty thing as much (like cutting and glue) but sometimes it will hold my attention. The only extra-curricular activity I have […]

Group Therapy Student Spotlight: Henry

young boy smiling with hearing aid technology

I called right away and had the most wonderful conversation with one of the employees. Among the confusion and heartache of what we were facing, she made me feel so comfortable and welcome.

Annie’s Story – born deaf, now hearing

young girl Annie smiling

Our daughter, Annie, was born prematurely with a congenital virus called “congenital cytomegalovirus” This virus attacks the eyes, ears and brain of an unborn child. We are extremely grateful that Annie fully recovered except for her hearing. Her hearing was completely destroyed by CMV. My husband and I have no history of hearing loss on […]

Maya’s Journey: life with hearing loss

Maya headshot

“Our journey with hearing loss began July 7, 2011 at 5:43 pm with the birth of our beautiful daughter, Maya Hope. Everything about her was different, her size, the way she looked, and even the way she cried. By the next day, I was told that she had failed her first hearing screening, which would […]