A girl whispers in the ear of another

Listening for a Lifetime

Hearts for Hearing creates life-changing opportunities for individuals with hearing loss to listen for a lifetime.

Hearts for Hearing is a progressive and award-winning team of experienced hearing health professionals that includes pediatric audiologists and speech-language pathologists, many of whom are Listening and Spoken Language Specialists certified as Auditory-Verbal Therapists.

The Hearts for Hearing approach is unique in that Physicians, Pediatric Audiologists, and Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapists work together to guide and coach families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing so that they can reach their desired outcome of listening and spoken language. This unique model of blending of diagnostic audiology and auditory-verbal therapy for each child to maximize listening and spoken language outcomes is now emulated around the world.

For parents of children with hearing loss age 0 to 5, Hearts for Hearing provides hearing evaluations and recommendations that can include a set of hearing aids within the first two weeks of life. Through technology and therapy, Hearts for Hearing puts these children on their way to being able to access the world through speaking and hearing from the very beginning.

For adults with hearing loss, and those who care for them, Hearts for Hearing provides the technology and the listening training services to restore their hope in being able to connect with those around them through listening and speaking.