father and son playing together on playground

“When Kaysen was just a few days old, we learned he had a severe to profound hearing loss.

When he was first, diagnosed, I worried about his future, his ability to understand others, to learn in a classroom, or to play sports. Would he recognize our voices? Would he be able to talk like other kids his age? I remember holding Kaysen as a baby. He didn’t make the normal baby sounds, like cooing or murmuring.

His development was our main concern, but Hearts for Hearing gave us the reassurance and support we needed. At 11 months old, Kaysen received his first cochlear implant, and it was magical to watch him hear sounds for the first time. Today, Kaysen wears two cochlear implants, and is a very active three-year-old who is learning new words every day and talks non-stop. He loves music and dancing and is always moving 110 miles per hour, especially at the park.

We are so grateful for Hearts for Hearing; without their help we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

-Michael, Kaysen’s Dad

“Seeing my son’s face light up to sound is the gift you gave my family.”


Kaysen laying on a swing at the park

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