Tips for Communicating With a Child With Hearing Loss

Any adult, whether a parent or a teacher, can become frustrated when attempting to communicate with a child who has a hearing loss. The child can become frustrated as well, so it’s crucial to be patient and not convey any disapproval. If you are a parent, teacher, or family member, what follows are some important […]

Understanding Early Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

When you smile and talk to your baby, they laugh and giggle back. However, when there is a loud noise that startles everyone, they don’t flinch. It is imperative that parents note these kinds of anomalies as they can be early signs of hearing loss. Let’s look further into understanding early signs of hearing loss […]

Can Headphones and Earbuds Cause Hearing Loss?

lady with earbuds in.

Rarely do we see a young adult in public without an earbud in their ears. Headphones are a bit more cumbersome, but teens still find them a way to escape from their surroundings. We all enjoy listening to music no matter our age, but younger people rely on music to pass the time. So, can […]

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