Robert Wood

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Robert Wood is the Chief Technology Officer at Hearts for Hearing. Woody previously served in leadership and technical roles for multiple companies including three of the Fortune 500 (Booz Allen Hamilton, L-3 Communications, and Control Data) leading teams of more than 2,000 employees, budgets in excess of $250 million, and programs spanning 15 time zones. Dr. Wood has over three decades of commercial and government sector leadership experience in technology, aerospace and healthcare. Dr. Wood supplements his professional experience with an AT in Computer Science from Kansas State, a BS in Network Management from SNU, an MS in IT Security from the University of Texas, an EdD in Aviation & Space Science from Oklahoma State, and multiple industry certifications. Woody’s hobbies include teaching Cyber Forensics at the University of Oklahoma, piano, cycling, and visiting all of the National Parks with his granddaughter Abby.


Donations help give children with hearing loss the opportunity to learn to listen and talk.