Kris Hopper

Chief of External Affiars


Kris Hopper is the Chief External Affairs Officer at Hearts for Hearing and was Hearts for Hearing’s very first employee in 2005. She is passionate about the mission of teaching babies who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. Her daughter was born with hearing loss, which gives her first-hand knowledge of the challenges families face to find programs and services for their newly diagnosed baby. She enjoys raising awareness across the state, and by lobbying at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  When Kris is not at work, she enjoys gardening and tasting her husband, Jim Hopper’s latest recipe.  Together, they enjoy their family and friends, but without question, her greatest joy is being “Poppy” to her grandchildren, Ava, Harry, and Charlie.


Donations help give children with hearing loss the opportunity to learn to listen and talk.