Dacie got her hearing aids at three weeks old, and we’ve never looked back!

It was the middle of the night, just hours after our new little girl, Dacie, was born when the nurse woke my husband, Dustin and me and told us that Dacie had failed her hearing test in both ears. The nurse advised us not to worry and said they would recheck the next day before we were discharged. The next day, Dacie failed the hearing test again, and we left the hospital that day not knowing whether our new baby girl could hear.

We were referred to the audiology clinic at the hospital, and two weeks later, after two long visits, they diagnosed Dacie with severe hearing loss in both ears. I remember telling Dustin that there had to be a better place to take her. We wanted the best care possible for our new baby girl. The next day, Dustin started a search to find the best doctors and audiologists to care for Dacie. He stumbled onto a place called Hearts for Hearing and made an appointment. They got us right in, did testing, and Dacie got her hearing aids at three weeks old!

We were immediately introduced to our auditory-verbal therapist, Darcy. We started meeting with her twice a month and even though Dacie slept through most of our appointments, Darcy was teaching Dustin and me about this new journey. Dacie grew quickly, and at about six months of age, we started meeting Darcy once a week for an hour, which is what we still do today.
Dacie is almost 20 months old now, and she has at least 20 single words in her vocabulary and can consistently follow one-step commands. She is right on track with normal hearing children, all because of the right steps we took with Hearts for Hearing! We have had our share of tough times with Dacie. Every baby likes to chew on things, and when Dacie runs out of things to chew on, she just pulls her hearing aids out and chews on them.

What a blessing Hearts for Hearing has been to Dacie and our family.

When Dacie was diagnosed, we were devastated, but that devastation quickly turned into amazement when we met the staff at Hearts for Hearing. They comforted us by letting us know that Dacie would be just as normal as our other daughter, Josie. We have a place in OKC that is changing the lives of many children, and I could not be happier to say that my daughter is learning to LISTEN and TALK with the help and support of Hearts for Hearing!



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